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Pinkizh pink clay mask

Detoxify | Brighten | Nourish

CLEANSES (Deep cleans + shrinks pores + smoothes skin.)

TREATS (Detoxifies against free radicals and pollutants + fights against and prevents acne and soothes other skin conditions.)

RESTORES (Hydrates + Nourishes + Brightens + Moisturises for healthy glowing skin in as little as 10 minutes)


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Pinkizh pink clay mask
Pinkizh pink clay mask
Pinkizh Australian pink clay mask is the new and improved way to clay mask. We are the first to offer a clay mask in an airless pump bottle. This is a new kind of pink clay mask that goes on silky smooth, not like others that are really thick and can sting or cause dryness and redness after use. Pinkizh is easy to apply, easy to remove, and easy to see and feel the amazing results! In as little as 10 minutes you’ll start to have smoother, softer, and brighter skin!
Pinkizh pink clay mask
Pinkizh pink clay mask
Pinkizh pink clay mask
Pinkizh pink clay mask
Pinkizh uses pure Australian pink clay. We added extra vitamin C for it’s powerful effect on the skin. And we included carefully selected botanical essential oils for even more benefits. Then using aloe vera to combine all this goodness together we give you something completely new in clay masks.
Pinkizh pink clay mask

Pink clay is suitable for all skin types. People with sensitive skin especially praise this type of clay for being so gentle and delicate. Pink clay does not strip off the skin's natural oil barrier.

Pinkizh pink clay mask
The huge advantage of pink clay masks is that they can produce instant results with the very first application. However, the glowing effect won’t last forever. Consistency is key with any skincare routine.

Using our pink clay mask on a regular basis is key for permanent or prolonged results. Take a look at what some of our raving fans are saying below.

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Pinkizh pink clay mask

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